Benjamin Boas

Benjamin Boas is a Fulbright Scholar from Brown University and now a long-term resident of Japan. He is recognized by the Cabinet Office as the Ambassador for Cool Japan, an initiative to further strengthen the ties between Japan and other countries. Benjamin is an author of two books: one book about English education in Japan, and another book about contemporary Japanese subculture in an international perspective. Both are published by Shogakukan, one of the most distinguished Japanese publishers.

Benjamin holds a visiting Master's Degree Researcher at Tokyo University and Keio University focusing on the anthropology of leisure in Japan. Outside academia, he designs cultural experience for Harvard Club of Japan, Brown University Club of Japan, Pasona Group, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Benjamin also intercultural consultant for Netflix, Kickstarter, NHK, and Mystays Hotel Chain.

Benjamin has been an expert in English and Japanese since 2008, he edits English-language educational materials for renowned publishers such as Kawai Juku, Shogakukan, Tokyo University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology; He also writes for popular media such as Netflix, Studio Ghibli, The Yomiuri Shimbun, Metropolis Magazine, The Japan Times, and TimeOut Tokyo.

In Benjamin's personal life, he competes in Mahjong with two International Mahjong Championships. He is also a master in martial arts who holds a 2nd-degree black belt from the Yoshinkan Aikido Hombu Dojo.


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